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PC Series - Utilize All The Space In Your Truck Bed

The PC stands for pork chop and the tool box looks a little like a pork chop. The PC Series aluminum tool box mounts in front of or behind the wheel well and can be used on a van, truck or trailer.

Our Pork Chop (PC) Series Tool Boxes are custom made to your specifications. Each one is serial numbered by the craftsman who insured that it was built with quality. Although we do not stock Pork Chop Tool boxes, we do stock the components necessary to build them. Manufacturing time is typically a week to ten days.


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Top Hinged Pork Chop (PC) Tool Boxes are for use in open vehicles. The hinges are mounted to provide access to the box from beside of the side of the truck. They are great for storing levels and transits or guns. There is a trap door to access the storage compartment between the wheel well and the tail gate. Top Hinged Pork Chop (PC) models are identified as driver side or passenger side hinged.

End Hinged Pork Chop (PC) Tool Boxes can be hinged several ways. Bottom hinged boxes can be used on either the driver's or the passenger's side of the vehicle. The Side Hinged models are identified as driver's side or passenger side hinged. Features of the vehicle or other equipment mounted in the vehicle may interfere with the operation of the door. Please consult our sales personnel before ordering.

Built to customer specifications
1/8” thick brightened aluminum tread plate
Drive rivets on the hinges
Tamper proof stainless steel screws at latches for extra security
Solid construction
Designed for heavy duty, industrial use

PC Series Truck Tool Box - End Hinged Listed below are links to Pork Chop drawing templates. The templates depicts several hinge arrangements.

Follow the link, print the drawing, fill in the blanks concerning the size and options you want, and then fax the drawing to 301-790-2885 or email to Be sure to include your contact information and shipping address.

Our design staff will review your notes and quote the manufacturing cost, freight cost and lead time for your NEW CUSTOM BUILT TOOL BOX. If you need help or do not have access to a fax machine, please call us at 301-790-1815.


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Truck Bed Measuring Template.

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