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June 18, 2024

BB48LP 48x48x7-1/2

2 drawer with ¼” top. This box has minor outside imperfections and internal imperfections. Call us for details. 

Normal BB48LP with ¼” top sells for $2086.49 delivered.  


We are offering this unit for $1600.00 delivered

2 drawer truck tool box


Custom BB48 Long x 50 wide x 16-1/2 High 2 drawer box. This box is new. It does have a blemish on the front of one of the drawers. It was built for a customer that decided they wanted a longer box after it was built. This box has not been used. 


We are offering this unit for $17500 delivered 

custom truck drawer tool box


HD96x48x14-1/2 2 Drawer. This is like our standard HD96 except the sides, centers, back, and top are made of ¼” thick aluminum (replacing the normal 1/8” thick aluminum). The box does show scratches from light use. Customer only used this box for a few months before trading in for a taller box.  


We are offering this box for $3150.00 plus shipping. A standard HD96 with a ¼” top sells for $3550.39. This unit has an outer shell that is twice as thick as our standard option.  

heavy duty drawer system for trucks

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